Welcome to "Mpakaliarakia sto limani"

The “Mpakaliarakia” in the port is a benchmark in the city of Thessaloniki.

For decades Mr. Nickos, always smiling and friendly, daily cook the most delicious fried cod. The hand-made garlic sauce with freshly sliced potatoes, a spicy fried pepper and white local wine called retsina will give you an unforgettable taste experience.

In a quaint cobbled street, enjoy your ouzo with delicious appetizers and enjoy your time.
Everyday, our customers represent a true picture of the city. Businessmen, artists, politicians, tourists, university students, all together ending in an authentic feast.

You will find us at Fasianos street, in our two shops opposite the entrance of the harbor.


Kountouriotou 15 St. - Port
2310 512 600

Fasianou 1 st. - Ladadika
2310 510 210